Wood Pellets


Lakeview Sanitation Services, LLC is happy to offer for sale in Christmas Valley and Lakeview, Golden Fire Wood Fuel Pellets. 

Here’s why you might consider using Golden Fire Wood Fuel Pellets:

High Heat Output and Efficiency: Golden Fire pellets boast a low moisture content, meaning less energy is wasted burning off water and more goes towards heating your home. This translates to a high BTU output (over 8500 BTU/lb) for efficient and powerful heating.

Clean Burning and Low Ash: Low moisture content also contributes to a clean burn with minimal ash production. This reduces cleaning frequency in your pellet stove and creates a more environmentally friendly burning process.

All-Natural Ingredients: Golden Fire pellets are made from 100% natural Douglas Fir, free from additives or binding agents. This ensures a safe and natural heating source for your home.

Consistent Quality: The company emphasizes their time-tested production methods, resulting in consistent quality across every bag of pellets you purchase. This means predictable performance and heat output for your pellet stove.

Environmentally Friendly: Wood pellets are a renewable resource, and Golden Fire specifically mentions their commitment to sustainable practices. Burning them produces lower emissions compared to some traditional heating methods.

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