Residential Services

We provide roll carts in 35 gallon, 65 gallon and 95 gallon sizes. We have a cart to fit your needs.

Carts must be out by 6:00 am

Place your roll cart at the curb by 6:00 am on your collection day or the night before with the handle towards your house and the lid opening toward the street. Keep five feet of clear space on either side of your cart. After your pickup carts need to be stored away from the street.

Extra Trash

Please evaluate your container size to ensure you have the correct size to fit your needs. Lids slightly up (no more than 3 or 4 inches) will not incur an additional charge. Lids propped up more than 3 or 4 inches are considered overfull and will incur an additional charge. Extra small or large garbage bags, boxes, etc on top of or around your cart are considered extra garbage and there will be an extra charge based on how much extra is picked up. Please do not stomp or jump on cart trying to get more in. This is not safe and will result in your cart becoming jammed with garbage.

Payment & Billing Information

We bill most residential accounts every other month with exception of 95 gallon carts and if your account has been stopped in the past for nonpayment. The due dates and other information on your bill is very important and if not followed could result in your service being discontinued and cart being removed.

If your account is stopped due to nonpayment we charge a $25.00 fee to restart your service. Please give us a call to work out a payment plan if you cannot pay the bill in full.

We now offer online billing and payment which updated monthly and may not reflect your current account balance. If you have any questions about your account please call the office.

You can receive your bills via email or mail. If you would like to change to paperless billing please login to our online system.

We do not call or notify our customer if service is going to be discontinued do to nonpayment since our billing statements and our start up form give clear guidelines for when payment is expected and what happens if your account is not kept up to date.

Payment Options

You can pay your bill online with our online bill pay system. You can set up payment thru your banks online bill pay.

If your service is stopped because of nonpayment you need to send a check or call the office so we can get your service started again.

You can mail a check to:Drop off at the Office:
Lakeview Sanitation Services, LLC,  PO Box 751 Lakeview OR 97630Lakeview Sanitation Services, LLC  18461 Roberta Rd  Lakeview OR 97630

Please do not tape your payment to your cart.

Many times the wind blows them away or something else can happen and the payment doesn’t make it to the office. Unless arrangements have been for the driver to collect a payment in advance. Please don’t make a payment to the driver.

To start service please call our office at 541-947-2891