Recycling is available at our location at 18461 Roberta Road in Lakeview. Your cooperation is needed to
keep this service available at no charge. Please keep our guidelines in mind when bringing your
materials to be recycled.


Anything that comes in the newspaper can be recycled with the newspaper. Please remove any bags or
string before placing the newspapers in the bin designated for newspapers.


Magazines, catalogs, phone books

As is. Please remove any bags or string before placing the Magazines, catalogs or phone books in the
bin designated for Magazines or Phone books.


White Office Paper

This bin is only for white office paper. No other material or paper. If the paper is shredded please bag
and place bag in bin.


Corrugated Cardboard

Flatten and place in large bin designated for cardboard. No egg cartons, waxed cardboard, soda or beer
case boxes, cereal boxes, or used pizza boxes.

We do not take glass, plastic or metal for recycling.




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